NW12 2BS
SATURDAY 2nd MARCH – Starting at 9am




Competing in martial arts as a begginner is optional and becomes mandatory at higher levels. At Taekwondo X we stongly encourage our students to start competing from a young age/level as there are many benefits. 

Here are a few reasons to start competing early:

* To Boost Confidence

Especially for little ones starting out, competing in a tournament can be a scary prospect and that feeling can drag on for a very long time. If students don’t compete right from the start, as they reach higher belts and get older competitions remain an unknown area of the martial art and can become a bigger fear as their opponents are now older and more experienced.

We highly recommend starting out young so that students can become used to the experience in a safe and friendly environment. In this way, competitions will become a fun day out where students can test and showcase their skills and meet new friends, rather than building them up to become a stressful and scary experience.

* To Assess Strengths and Weaknesses

Consistent practice of martial arts by applying skills learnt in a martial arts class is one way to gauge personal progress. However, by competing against unfamiliar competitors, students will learn even more about their strengths and weaknesses. Competition helps students to see where to focus their training and can lead to even more significant improvements in skills at a much faster rate than just attending their regular lessons.

* To Learn From Others

Not only does competing against others help to identify strengths and weaknesses, but it also provides an opportunity to see others move, perform or fight. Students can learn from others and discover things that might help in their own Taekwondo training.

* To Provide a Personal Challenge

Whilst martial arts training is specific to each student’s individual improvement, competing against other athletes will allow students to test what they’re capable of. Competitions can provide a boost in self-confidence and provide a new personal challenge. No matter if the outcome is a win or a loss, competition is a challenging learning experience.

* To Meet New People

While competing deserves focus and should be taken seriously, it’s also an opportunity to mix up martial arts practice by doing something different in a new environment. Competition is a chance to meet new people with similar interests and become friends with athletes from several different schools, academies, and communities.

At Taekwondo X we proudly teach respect and sportsmanship inside and outside the Dojang. This has been a key aspect of our experience when competing regulary in other clubs around the country, seeing familiar faces from other clubs and starting new friendships with them.


  • By Invitation Only, Minimum age 5
  • Saturday 2nd March
  • Kings Hall Community Centre, Willesden Green
  • Starting at 9am – Finishing time depending on quantity of entrants but expected to last 4 hours.
  • Taekwondo uniform with belt mandatory.
  • Please bring a bottle of water. A cafe area selling snacks and refreshments will also be available.
  • Green belts and above must bring their own full sparring gear (including mouth guard). Below green belts can borrow gear on site (except mouth guard) If you don’t own a mouth guard you can decide if you want to do headshots in your match. 


The TKD X Autumn Inter-Club Competition will take place in Kings Hall Community Centre, 155 Harlesden Road, Willesden Green.

Kings Hall Community Centre offers us a large main hall space. The middle area will be where atheltes will be competing, with chairs all around the edges for spectators. There are changing facilities and toilets at the back and a large kitchen which will be used as a cafe, providing hot and cold beverages and snacks for purchase (cash only!).


Sorry, the deadline to apply to this competition was Sunday 25th February and registrations are now closed.

If you missed the deadline please keep an eye on your email for announcements on future competitions and don’t miss the deadline!