How to Teach a Child Taekwondo?

Continuous Taekwondo lessons whilst children are in school is ideal for parents with a busy schedule and provide a great addition to innovative schools to show how much they care about the health, fitness and self-control and discipline of their pupils.

Taekwondo X has designed a specific programme to introduce Taekwondo as part of P.E. lessons in schools which meets national education standards. With an up-to-date Curriculum Evaluation for Key Stage 1,2,3 & 4 and a detailed 12 week lesson plan for each term of the year, Taekwondo is an important and vital sport to add to school’s P.E. lessons. It improves their focus, concentration, increases their confidence and self-esteem and teaches them self-defence. It not only exercises their bodies but also their mind and soul as a traditional martial art. Through meditation, breathing exercises, discipline and self-introspection, Taekwondo can help children become healthier in all aspects of their lives.

If your school is interested in adding Taekwondo to their P.E. provision, please get in touch so we can forward our detailed programme and answer any questions you may have.