Unit 2, Hawthorn Business Park
165 Granville Rd

TUESDAYS 6pm-7pm



This class is dedicated to those who have gone through their beginner training already or those at beginning level wishing to progress faster and start competing.

The main focus in this class is mastering the foundational skills and learning the higher patterns and Poomases.

Mandatory for those training towards Black Belt.

Suitable for all ages 6+ (children and adults).

All Taekwondo X classes start with a light warm-up followed by exercises to losen the joints and progressing into a light stretching session.

We then proceed to start the class by focussing on the core subject of that lesson. Sometimes we may create little challenges and games to test the students and make lessons more entretaining, fun and challenging.

Half-way through each term we run individual assessments so students have a better undertanding of how they are progressing and what to focus on moving forwards.

Each lesson finishes with a cool down and a more extensive stretching session which helps students become more flexible, helps prevent sore muscles and leads to better rest for the whole body.