NW12 2BS

By invitation only

Invitations are sent only to students who are ready to take their grading this term.
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  • Saturday 9th December
  • Kings Hall Community Centre, Willesden Green. 155 Harlesden Road, NW102BS
  • Taekwondo X official uniform must be worn to the exam (including the belt). If you don’t have the TKDX brand uniform yet you may wear an old one with the TKDX badge. Please note no other uniform will be allowed.
  • Please bring your sparring equipment if you have any (mandatory for green belts and above) and a bottle of water.
  • Estimated duration of each exam is 1 hour.
  • Start time is different for each grade and will be specified in each student’s invitation. 

What is a Taekwondo Grading Exam?

The grading is a physical examination that Martial Artists need to take to atain their next belts.

At Taekwondo X we hold one grading exam towards the end of each term for students to have the opportunity to upgrade.

Students can attend their grading exam once they are invited.  Being invited to grade depends on how often the student trains, how much do they practice and how quickly they improve.

What is the meaning of the belts?

Students start at white belt and have to attain 10 more belts until their black belt.

On rare occasions a student can double promote. This means that they skip their next belt and automatically gain the one above.

This is quite rare and for studnets to double promote they must achieve excellence throughout their entire grade.

How do gradings work?

In order to obtain an official grading certificate, you must assist and successfully pass an official grading.

At Taekwondo X we have different Masters and Instructors who are entitled to run gradings and issue certificates.

At Taekwondo X we are proud to offer Taekwondo lessons in schools for those who can’t attend our clubs and facilitate the possibility for kids to attend an official taekwondo grading.

The gradings are held in the main Dojang, at Kings Hall Community Centre, in Willesden Green.

It is a high achievemnt to be invited and qualified to assist a grading at Taekwondo X, so we hope you can attend.

What happens if you can’t/don’t want to do a grading exam?

Pupils who don’t wish to take their grading exam can equally train in classes and learn the skills of Taekwondo without the need to upgrade to their next belt, although it’s recommended as they are learning a life skill, martial art and can one day achive their black belt by assisting to their gradings.

n order to obtain an official grading certificate, you must assist and successfully pass an official grading.

Congratulations for being invited to the grading and best of luck! 

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Please note you might be charged a late registration fee of £5

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